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Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

We are proud to introduce our patients who suffer from toenail fungus infections to the newest technology in nail fungus treatment, the PinPointe Laser, the first approved laser for toenail fungus by the FDA.. This new treatment procedure is a revolutionary breakthrough in treating toenail fungus infections. The treatments do not cause cuts or burns and thus has the advantage of patients being treated without reported discomfort.

In general, treating toenail fungus is difficult because the infection is under and inside the nail which makes it very difficult for treatments to reach it. Hence, the use of laser technology is ideal for this type of infection. It literally "zaps" the infection that causes ugly, discolored toenails. We use the PinPointe Laser which was the first company that has received the FDA's clearance. This new laser treatment kills the pathogens which cause toenail fungus quickly and without discomfort.

Introduction To The Pinpointe Foot Laser Treatment

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Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment FAQs

Let us answer some of the most common questions we get about this wonderful new treatment.

1) How does the toenail fungus laser work?

The Pinpointe Foot Laser uses a unique combination of wavelength and pulse structure which is absorbed by the fungus at a faster rate than the surrounding healthy tissue targeting the fungus that lives in and under the nail. Micropulses of the Nd:YAG laser light pass through the nail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. At the time of the procedure, the nail will not become instantly clear - it takes time to grow out.

2) How long does the procedure take?

The treatments typically take about 3-4 minutes per toenail. Patients are required 3 treatments, spaced 1 or two months apart and depending upon the severity of the infection, will occasionally need a 4th or 5th treatment..

3) Is the toenail laser treatment painful?

You should not experience any discomfort or pain during the treatment.  The reason is that the laser light beam has no effect on healthy tissue, it is focused and targeted only to the infected areas.

4) Does the Pinpointe Foot Laser treatment really work?

As of today, clinical studies have shown that 85% of patients treated with this toenail fungus laser treatment demonstrated significant improvements.  *In most cases the nail fungus pathogen is completely eliminated.

5) How long before I see results?

The average toenail replaces itself every 6 - 9 months.  Usually you will be able to see healthy new growth within the first 3 months.

6) Is this toenail fungus laser treatment safe?

The clinical studies have shown no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side effects from this laser treatment. 

7) Are there any medications required during this laser treatment?

Yes, a topical antifungal cream is recommended for 2 weeks to be applied to the skin. It is also recommended to apply a topical solution to the nails after the treatment.  Patients are also recommended to bleach their socks and sterilize their shoes.

8) Will I have any problems walking or standing after this laser treatment?

No, there is no temporary disability whatsoever.  You will be able to walk out of the office as easily as you walked in.

9) Does my insurance pay for this?

Currently, this new toenail fungus laser treatment is not included in any insurance plans that we are aware of.  Of course this can change and we can give you the latest information during the initial consultation.

*Treatment of Mild, Moderate, and Severe Onychomycosis Using 870- and 930-nm Light Exposure (Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association Volume 100 Number 3 166-177 2010) Adam S. Landsman, DPM, PhD , Alan H. Robbins, MD , Paula F. Angelini, DPM , Catherine C. Wu, DPM , Jeremy Cook, DPM , Mary Oster, BS and Eric S. Bornstein, DMD

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