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Here is what other people are saying about us.

I was referred to Dr. Klein by a co-worker. Initially, I was skeptical because I had gone to other Doctors without much success. By the time I saw Dr. Klein, I could not run full speed and could barely jog without pain. I'm proud and happy to say after seeing Dr. Klein for my foot issue, I understand the knowledge of adequate foot care. I was prescribed insoles that have enabled me to perform without pain. I'm so grateful and I highly recommend Dr Klein.

— Freddie M
Just moved to the area. Got a bad cut on my foot so I visted a local medical clinic. The cut wasn't healing correctly so I decided to go to a local podiatrist. My insurance provider recommeded Dr. Marc Klein. I was able to get an appointment & see the doctor immediatly. He treated my infection along with a wart on my foot & everything healed within a few weeks. He also diagnosed some other foot problems I was having. I highly recommend Dr. Marc Klein as being one of the best podiatrists in the Boca Raton area.

— Scott B
My heel and bottom of my feet hurt. I could not run without excruciating pain. After wasting much time and money visiting a well respected Podiatrist in Palm Beach County, I was referred to Dr. Marc Klein by another Doctor friend of mine. After a consultation and Xrays taken, it was explained exactly what was wrong and how we would correct my condition. Over the next three weeks, by following Dr. Klein's program precisely, I could run virtually pain free. Within another week or so I felt like I was a teenager again ( I am 66 ). I am a retired Real Estate Broker and Property Manager with a degree in Finance and Accounting. I do not give out endorsements easily. Dr. Klein delivered what he promised ( a large percentage of patients with my condition are healed with just the purchase of Orthotics professionally fitted and designed by Dr. Klein). The quality of the orthotics, the reasonable price, and service before and after makes Dr. Klein the only Podiatrist that I would trust the health of my family with.

— Craig Z
Dr Klein,

Just a quick note to thank you for the great orthotics work. As you know, I haven't been able to run for 7 years due to my plantar issues. Now look at me! I just finished my first marathon in 7 years (my 6th one overall) PAIN FREE! In fact, I got my 2nd fastest time ever.

I thought of your work during the race and was amazed my feet held up so well.

Thanks to you and your great professional staff for all you've done.

— Chris Eddy
Dr. Klein and his staff provided me with custom orthotics that allowed me to finish the toughest footrace in the world (according to National Geographic).

The Badwater 135 Ultra-marathon is a 135-mile, non stop footrace that treks across Death Valley in July. The average temperature hovers around 130 degrees Fahrenheit, with pavement temperatures exceeding 200 degrees. I finished the race on my first attempt in a little over 48 hours.

If it wasn't for the custom orthotics and the care given by Dr. Klein and his staff, there would have been little hope that I would have seen the finish line.

Thank you for helping me attain this goal.

— Frank McKinney
I'm a former Olympic Athlete. I struggled with ankle and knee problems each time I ran for over a year and since I came to your office and you made me orthotics, no more pain. Here's what makes you shine: Upon arrival to your office, we are greeted promptly in a welcoming manner, there is never a long wait to see you with an appointment. You took the time to listen to my needs and you gave me great care. I am so impressed with you and your outstanding understanding and integration of body mechanics that I have already recommended you to several friends. Thank you for caring and being committed to the relief and improvements of your patients.

— Line Doucet
I love to play tennis. I'd like to play everyday. But, each time I played, my aching back got in the way. Rest, medication,chiropractic, I tried them all.But, with none of these treatments could I keep hitting the ball. As my age increased, my frustration did too. I was on the court for one day and then off for a few. Then, I saw a magazine ad with a picture of Andy Roddick. Dr. Klein, a podiatrist, made him custom orthotics. Andy's back had him out for days at a clip. But with custom orthotics, he could always let it rip. Now, I'm no Andy and never will be. But, maybe orthotics could help to save me. Well, I'm on the court now as much as I want. Dr. Klein's orthotics can bear the full brunt. Clay courts or hard courts, I can play them all. The custom made orthotics keep me hitting the ball. So, if you're hurt or injured and don't know what to do. Dr. Klein's orthotics can work for you too!!!!!

I am only too happy to tell my tale of aches and pains and how the orthotics made by Dr. Klein COMPLETELY cured the problem. For several weeks I had been experiencing severe pain from the bottom of my left foot to the top of my left hip and buttocks. It sometimes caused such acute pain that I would cry out.

My wife was tired of the dramatics. More importantly, it was greatly interfering with my golf game. As I went to putt, I would have pain over the ball and had to settle in to a certain position just to be able to pull the trigger. The pain was debilitating.

A retired podiatrist suggested I look into orthotics. Believe it or not I found Dr. Klein in the Yellow Pages. Not only did I find the right guy, but because he was also a golfer, a lot of understanding. Since I also exercise everyday, the size of my sneakers was also of paramount importance. I was surprised to learn that they needed to be larger, not tighter. With the addition of the orthotics, I went from a size 8 to a 9 or 91/2.

After less than two weeks the severe pain was completely gone, and has not come back in the 8 to 9 months I have worn the orthotics. I am amazed and thankful. I had to buy new shoes, new sneakers and had to train myself to wear them as much as possible. It has taken a while but the orthotics are part of my everyday routine.

It is worth all the trouble and my quality of life is greatly improved. I cannot say it has improved my golf game but I still have hope. I cannot recommend orthotics highly enough and the quality of care that IÂ received from Dr. Klein. I have already sent friends to Dr. Klein and will continue to do so.

I would never have believed that my acute pain could be cured so easily, and so permanently, and I knew nothing about orthotics before seeing the Doctor. Do not be afraid to discuss your ailments with friends, you may be surprised how helpful they can be.

— Joe Mishkin
Dear Dr. Klein,

I am writing this letter to thank you for making my life much more pleasant and painless. When I came to you in December, I was in so much pain in both my feet mostly my right foot. I have fallen 2 years ago and broke my right ankle and since then everything had gone wrong. I also come from a family of very bad feet, which I have learned I inherited. I was on my way back to the orthopedic surgeon when I decided to call you instead.

You immediately took care of me and assured me that with proper care and not so drastic measures, I would be fine. You were RIGHT. First, you took x-rays and told me what was really wrong. I am severely flat footed with heel spurs, and some permanent damage from my fall. Then you told me that my best solution to this problem would be orthotics and you fitted me for these and I left.

When my orthotics came in, I was so excited. I went out to get new sneakers, per your request and you fitted them and WOW … Can you say painless. Everything feels better. My heel spurs, flat feet, ankle pain, knees, and hips. Each step is painless. Of course, I have to wear the inserts all the time, but that is not a problem. I love how they make me feel.

I am so grateful for your dedication to making people feel better when they stand, walk, or do anything. I will definitely give any one who needs your care your name and number.

Thank you,

— Jaime R. Ehrenfeld
For too long I accepted my sore, achy feet, and the overall body fatigue they caused, as the natural consequence of getting older. I remember both my father and my grandfather complaining about their feet. So it seemed somewhat natural to me to have foot pain after more than a half a century of running, playing sports and otherwise racking up foot mileage. WRONG.

I've tried orthotics from a very reputable doctor in the Northeast and they were somewhat helpful, but at 55 I guess you just can't expect to do the things used to. WRONG AGAIN.

I saw Dr. Klein's advertisement in Florida tennis magazine and thought why not, although I must admit that my expectations were tempered by years of orthotics, ice baths and foot exercises, all to no avail. The orthotics Dr. Klein made for me didn't just mitigate my problems, they virtually solved them. I now know that for years I was using orthotics that were merely palliative, not corrective.

My foot pain is virtually gone and my activity level is getting back to where it was years ago. To say that I am satisfied, seriously understates my level of gratitude. I am still surprised every day that I can jump up and go without the kind of restrictive discomfort I endured for many years.

— Bob Casale
Lately, after playing tennis, my left arch has had excruciating pain that would last for days. I finally had enough, and came to see you on the recommendation of a friend. You suggested custom orthotics. I played tennis last week for the first time with them. Not only had the pain in the arch gone away, but I didn't have any soreness in my ankles, knees, hips or back like I usually experienced. I had never associated these ancillary problems with that of the arch.

To top that off, I didn't have the feeling of fatigue that had become common after playing. And! I was still feeling great the next fatigue.

— James Conti
Prior to receiving my new orthotics, I would have pain on the outside of my right foot after an hour or so on my feet. After wearing the orthotics for only 3 weeks, I have absolutely zero pain. This includes fast walks in excess of 3 miles ... still no pain!.

— Mark Speedy
I should have gotten these 10 years ago! I'm getting another pair!

— Nicholas Bernath
The orthotics have really helped manage my foot pain. I can't go without them! I wish I'd gotten them years ago, before I got pain.

— Trishia Irish
Dear Dr. Klein, When I came in to see you, everything hurt. My heels, my ankles, my hips and my back. Being only 47 and in fairly good shape, it was a little more than scary getting up and moving in the morning feeling like I was 97!! In less than one week after getting your custom orthotics all pain and discomfort left me and for the past year my wife and kids are not sure I'm not really only 37!! I have recommended you to friends of mine and will happily continue to do so. Thanks for the new lease on life..and the extra 10 years!!!!!

— Ned Monell
I saw Dr. Klein in 2001 when I was experiencing heel and ankle problems. It seemed like overnight that I had no more pain and resumed all sporting activities including golf, tennis, and cycling.

— Tom Clynes
I had heel and foot pain and was unable to play tennis anymore. The orthotics helped me tremendously to relieve the pain and continue to play tennis.

— John Mase
My name is Joey Brander, I am 11 years old. My problem was that I did not have an arch in my feet. The orthotics have helped SOOOOOO much. I can run so much faster, which helps my tennis game, and I can jump so much higher. Dr. Klein has really helped, I would DEFINITELY refer him to my friends. Thank you!!!

— Joey Brander, Child Actor/Tennis Player
About four years ago I found Dr. Klein. He has been a life save and carefully X-Rayed both of my lower extremities and actually spent the time to explain to me (in laymen's terms) my problem. It seems that I have nerve damage around my ankle and top of my right foot. He gave me options and the choice was simple because he recommended the orthotics, and guess what HE WAS RIGHT...

I love his sincere work ethic and the fact that I feel he cares...

Yours truly,

— Jerry Love (A senior resident in Boca Raton, Florida)
Before I went to see Dr. Klein I was having severe pain in my feet. I tried numerous types of shoes and spent over $300 doing this. I could no longer run or even walk short distances without severe pain. I was really afraid that one day I would not be able to walk and I could not live with that idea.

I went to see Dr. Klein and in no time he informed me that I had an arch problem. He then had a custom made insole just for my feet. After wearing my orthotics for a short time I could not believe the difference. It was a miracle come true. Truly God had used Dr. Klein to heal me and answer my prayer. As of today I wear them in all my shoes, even my house shoes. I can't live without them. They are still in great shape.

I would recommend Dr. Klein to anyone.

— Tim Collie
My name is Joey Brander, I am 11 years old. My problem was that I did not have an arch in my feet. The orthotics have helped SOOOOOO much. I can run so much faster, which helps my tennis game, and I can jump so much higher. Dr. Klein has really helped, I would DEFINITELY refer him to my friends. Thank you!!!

— Joey Brander, Child Actor/Tennis Player
My son Nicolas is still using the orthotics Dr. Klein prescribed and they've helped him quite a bit. I wish most medicines worked that well. He plays football and basketball in them and is not having any trouble with the foot pain and problems he was suffering before he got them. He's quite happy with them.

— Tim Collie
I wanted to personally thank you for the service that you and your colleague, Dr. Levine game to me during my visit in mid September. The alterations and adjustment you made on my orthotic have been very beneficial. The plantar callous reforms much more slowly and I am much more comfortable. My gait is better and I almost never limp.

My tennis game is much improved due to my increased mobility.

Gratefully Yours,

— Paul Wohlgemuth
I had a stress fracture in my knee due to a lack of arch in my feet. The fracture happened over time and was initially diagnosed as a torn meniscus. My orthopedic surgeon referred me to Dr. Klein who prescribed the orthotics. Since getting the orthotics my stress fracture healed itself and I have not had any problems with my knees, ankles, or legs. Dr. Klein's orthotics are a life saver and have allowed me to live a normal pain free life. I have been able to continue exercising and am in the best shape of my life at 33. I would definitely recommend Dr. Klein to any family, friends, or random people on the street.

— Bill Ruhl

We thank you for reading these testimonials from our wonderful patients. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to help so many people in our community.

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